A downloadable End for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game was made for the #WeeklyGameJam.

I hope you enjoy it and play it to the end!

The mighty king has gone crazy, in his stead he has left many people poor and helpless. You must find out what the king is up to next, and stop him!

This action-rpg is made in the hopes of creating inspiration and hope. It may not be there yet as it's a demo, but just you wait!

Created by Stone Helm Games.


Created by rogersteve97, TwinsRock88, and Aquagon

Audio by Music Composer: Maja Salamon (AQUAGON)



This is a demo project. Not a full one. We are still developing it, and would love for people to jump on board and enjoy the great story and game play set out for you.

A/D or left and right arrows to rotate

L. mouse button to move and interact.

Install instructions

Just extract the zip for your system and run the executable.


waywardend_linux.zip 43 MB
waywardend_windows.zip 35 MB
wayward_end_osx.zip 39 MB

Development log

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